Bracing for Back to School

Tips to making the school year a little easier while wearing an orthotic back brace. Summer is over, which means it’s school time. This can be just as scary as it is exciting when you have a back brace. Here are a few tips from Annabelle Smith...

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Let’s Bark It Up for National Dog Day!

Did you know that there is a National Dog Day, and it is celebrated every year on August 26th? Well, it's true and with almost 45% of U.S. households owning dogs, there will be a whole lot of barking going on at the end of the month. We would like t...

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Summer Tips for Amputees

Summer is here which means hot, humid weather and an abundance of outdoor activities.  This time of year, definitely poses a few unique challenges for amputees, so to help you cope with the challenges of extreme heat, beach sand and pool, ocean ...

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