Our nationally certified and state licensed team of prosthetists consider each patient's unique needs in order to ensure the best outcomes. We provide our prosthetic patients with a prosthesis that is custom fabricated to meet each patient's unique needs. We provide individualized care by assessing each patient and developing the best, most innovative solution utilizing the most current technologies and state of the art components. Our prosthetists work with the entire rehab team including your Surgeon, Physiatrist, Physical therapist, and family members, to develop the treatment plan and goals. Once these are determined, the prosthetist considers the patient's functional potential and unique physical conditions to design an appropriate prosthesis with the necessary componentry. The components that make up the prosthesis are selected based on multiple factors including residual limb length, shape, the patients’ overall strength, flexibility, health status, vocation and hobbies. Union Orthotics & Prosthetics Co. works with innovation and compassion to be the best prosthetic care provider in Western Pennsylvania.

New Amputee Counseling

Undergoing an amputation is a life changing experience that leaves patients and families with many questions about the future. It is normal to feel different emotions of depression, helplessness, anger, and anxiety of what your life will be like, living with limb loss. It doesn’t matter whether it was a traumatic amputation or caused by health related issues, nothing can prepare you for the feelings you may have.

One of our goals is to help you through this process by teaching you and your family about the processes you will be going through. Our licensed and certified prosthetists have years of experience and can provide valuable guidance and education.

We can arrange for an amputee peer counselor, who are amputee’s themselves, to meet with you and your family to share with you their experience and assist in guiding you through this process.

For more information about our amputee peer counselors or a prosthetist consultation, please complete the comment/inquiry form in the margin at the bottom of the page or feel free to call us.

Union Orthotics & Prosthetics Co. infuses technological innovations, ultramodern methods and compassionate patient care to be the premier provider of prosthetics in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

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