Summer Tips for Amputees

Summer is here which means hot, humid weather and an abundance of outdoor activities.  This time of year, definitely poses a few unique challenges for amputees, so to help you cope with the challenges of extreme heat, beach sand and pool, ocean and lake water (mud), we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to protect your skin as well as your prosthesis this summer season.

Keep Your Skin Dry
It’s important to keep your skin dry.  it's always a good idea, if you're sweating a lot, to take off your prosthetic leg periodically throughout the day for a “breather.” Take the time to dry off your liner as well as your skin and be sure to check to see if your skin is O.K. If you are having a problem with perspiration, skin irritation or have any other issues or questions, please make sure you contact your Union Orthotics & Prosthetics Co. prosthetist or doctor who you work with for your prosthesis.  There are some options that may help such as an antiperspirant, or prosthetic liner socks that protect your skin and are absorbent.

Protect Your Prosthesis from the Summer Elements
When it comes to having a prosthesis at the beach or the lake, your biggest priority should be to protect your device and not damage anything!  Ask your prosthetist how waterproof your prosthesis is.  Some components and prostheses are fairly waterproof, while others should not get wet at all.  Rinse off your prosthesis with freshwater if it is exposed to pool, lake, or ocean water.  Keep it away from mud and sand as best as you can.

If your prosthesis has sensitive electronic components, we recommend that you use a tool called a DRYPRO, which is an airtight bag that you put over your prosthesis for protection against the elements.  Ask your prosthetist if the DRYPRO is a good fit for you.

Adventure Prosthesis
If you have a backup prosthesis that you would like for us to turn into your adventure prosthetic leg, please have a chat with your Union Orthotics & Prosthetics Co. prosthetist as they may be able to make modifications to your prosthesis so you can feel confident in taking it on your adventure to the pool, beach, lake or forest this summer.

Enjoy Your Summer – We Are Here to Help!
If you are planning a summer vacation or are spending lots of time outdoors this summer and have questions about skin care or protecting your prosthesis, please have a conversation with your prosthetist at your next office visit or call Union O & P at 412-622-2020 and we will be able to assist.


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