Let’s Bark It Up for National Dog Day!

Did you know that there is a National Dog Day, and it is celebrated every year on August 26th? Well, it's true and with almost 45% of U.S. households owning dogs, there will be a whole lot of barking going on at the end of the month.

We would like to spotlight National Dog Day by recognizing two organizations that care for and have an uber appreciation and love for all things dogs – NationalDogDay.com and My Pet's Brace!

Here is some information that we "fetched" on both of these amazing pet-friendly organizations.

National Dog Day
Back in 2004, animal rescue advocate and dog trainer Colleen Paige founded National Dog Day. The day celebrates all types and breeds of dogs and hopes to amplify the awareness of the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year.

So, this year, besides going for walk or playing fetch, you should check out and try these additional 20 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day.

The list includes:

  • Adoption
  • Household pet safety checks
  • Gifting your dog, a new toy
  • Teaching new tricks
  • And more!

My Pet's Brace
My Pet's Brace offers unique orthotic and prosthetic solutions for the rehabilitation of dogs and pets so they can lead active and happy lives. They do this by providing compassionate care and exceptional service to pets and pet families.

Everyone at My Pet’s Brace is passionate about helping pets live happier lives. The goal at My Pet’s Brace is to provide the most comfortable and securely fit brace and prosthetics made individually and uniquely for each dog. They promise that every pet will receive the very best care delivered in a warm, caring and helpful manner.

My Pet’s Brace has locations in Morgantown and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Toms River, New Jersey and Round Rock, Texas.

Learn more about My Pet's Brace at www.mypetsbrace.com

So, on August 26th, we hope you have a howling good time with your beloved pooch!  For additional information and stats on dogs and pets, please visit the American Veterinary Medical Association and peruse the 2022 AVMA Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook.