Our team of pediatric specialized orthotists and prosthetists are devoted, caring individuals whom are experts in the management of children from infancy to adulthood. Our orthotists and prosthetists are experienced with the special needs of our patients and their entire family. We keep up with the latest technologies and advances in pediatric management. We work closely with doctors, physical therapists and occupational therapists to provide a team approach to care. We have close relationships with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and many local schools for children with special needs. In addition, our orthotists have active involvement in a wide range of specialized clinics in Pittsburgh and vicinity.

Prosthetic Limbs

A prosthesis replaces a limb loss due to congenital malformation or amputation. Our licensed and certified pediatric prosthetists ensure each child optimizes their prosthetic potential through their growing years and active lifestyles. Our pediatric prosthetists are experienced with the specific challenges of providing a functional and long lasting prosthesis for a growing child. We encourage the entire family to be involved in the decision-making and goal setting process. There are many pediatric component options such as types of hands and feet with different functions to meet your child’s activities. There are components for crawling, sports and activities and to aid in playing and exploring their surroundings.

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Orthotic Bracing

Orthotic braces are used to aid the lower limbs, upper limbs or spine to improve alignment, assist in function and provide support/stability. Our licensed and certified pediatric orthotists manage each child’s bracing needs with a team approach. Function and goals of the orthosis are established with the input of the doctor, physical therapists and caregivers. Once the treatment plan and device is determined, our orthotists evaluate, take casts or measurements at the initial appointment. Upon insurance approval your orthotist will have the appropriate brace fabricated or ordered and will fit and adjust the device to each child. The fit and function will be evaluated by the whole team to ensure the goals are met.

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Scoliosis Bracing

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine which may progress if the child is not fully grown. A spinal brace is used to prevent this curve from worsening. Our licensed and certified orthotists work closely with many local orthopedic surgeons to manage the scoliosis curve with a spinal brace to stop progression and prevent surgery. Our orthotists closely monitor the fit and function of the custom spinal braces for each patient throughout the course of treatment.

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Pectus Carinatum Bracing

Pectus Carinatum, also called pigeon chest, is a deformity of the chest with narrowing of the ribs and protrusion of the sternum bone. Bracing while growth is still occurring can correct this deformity. The brace is worn 23 hours per day for at least four months, possibly up to one year depending on age. Through regular follow-ups with the orthotist, reductions in wear time are determined while ensuring the deformity does not recur. The wear time is gradually decreased and eventually the orthosis is only worn at night time until skeletal maturity. A team approach including the patient, caregivers, orthotist, physical therapist and doctor is necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Cranial Remolding Helmet

A cranial remolding helmet is used to correct head shape asymmetry or flatness in infants. Union Orthotics & Prosthetics Company is the leader in Western Pennsylvania with over 15 years of experience. We only utilize the most advanced technology and provide the gold standard of treatment used worldwide using Orthomerica’s STARscanner and FDA approved product line of orthotic helmets. Our licensed and certified orthotists have a passion for working with infants and their families and take great pride in being the best at cranial remolding in the area.

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